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Citrine Silver Dragon Ring


Treat yourself or your loved one with our iconic MONVATOO London dragon ring in sterling silver. This little creature will become your life-time treasure. 

Our iconic MONVATOO London dragon is the symbol of power and majesty, he becomes a sign of good taste with this enchanting ring. Representing the “yang” of the universe, life, growth, and eternal love, this fire-breathing, magical creature is begging to become the part of your life.

This citrine silver dragon ring has 2 citrine gemstones set in his eyes. It is the birthstone of the Chinese zodiac sign of Rooster. Citrine is one of the most  wealth attracting gemstones as it was known as a “merchant’s stone” in many cultures. This sparkling citrine not only helps acquiring wealth, but also maintaining it. It attracts wealth, prosperity, success and all good things. It encourages generosity and good fortune. It also helps strengthen self-esteem and vibrant flow of energy in and around your body.

- This Citrine Silver Dragon Ring is handcrafted from sterling silver dragon body with citrine gemstone eyes.

- Features 2 sparkling citrine gemstone

- Rhodium plated over sterling silver to keep your little treasure bright, shine and protect him from wear and tear

- Elegant metal high polished finish

- Nickel-free ring to prevent skin allergic reactions

- One size fits all (adjustable band). Default diametre: 16.51mm 
(size M-UK & Australian, 6-USA, 16 1/2-German, 15 1/4-Swiss, 52 3/4-French & Russian, 12-Japanese)

- Handcrafted design created in London, UK

- Ring size (mm): H31 x W29 x D26

*Our normal size Citrine Silver Dragon Ring is suitable for finger size M-UK or 6-USA and bigger. If your finger size is J 1/2 - UK or 5 -USA and smaller, the Baby Citrine Silver Dragon Ring is more suitable for you.